AP Photography Studio | The Begining

This is a short post to show you where “all the magic happens”! Well, where the magic will soon be happening – once I get my studio/office up and running.

I’ve had a spare room in my apartment for a few years and have finally come to the conclusion that I’m a fool for not using it as a studio and office space for AP Photography.
I’ve cleaned out the old boxes (it’s amazing what you find in storage!), vacuumed the carpet and cleaned the windows…now all I need to do is move in!

The room itself isn’t all that large, around 3.3 meters on each side. It has two great large windows which get some amazing sunlight in the mornings and lots of space to hang prints, canvases and all my other work!

This is the wall where my desk and system will go. I can foresee many-a-hour being spent looking at this wall!



Looking back from where my desk will be. This is my new 12 square bookcase, which also stores all my camera equipment clean and dust free!


This is what you, the client, will see when you first walk through the door. Two large windows that get bathed in sunlight early in the mornings

That’s the studio so far!
So, what else do I need/want to do…?

  • Move my desk, computer, printer and other office equipment in.
  • Get some AP Photography artwork up on those walls!
  • Change the light bulb – the one in there is horrible and puts a bad orange glow on everything
  • Get a nice comfy sofa & lamp for clients to sit on. Also a nice coffee table.
  • Hang more artwork up! ;)


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