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Late in 2013, I was given a referral from a previous client to shoot a portrait of two sisters from Sydney. It was going to be a relaxed outdoor portrait shoot with the aim to get some current up to date photos and also to help them with future projects and businesses.

I think a lot of people forget how important a good portrait is when starting your own business or trying to brand yourself. Even more so with the insane amount of photos that go through Facebook, Twitter & Instagram these days. Having a high quality portrait of yourself (that you’re actually happy with!) can help potential clients and business partners see who they are dealing with and also start that all important relationship which could build into something great!

Now, back to the shoot!
I met Lisa & Jess at Milsons Point, which is just underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge. After a quick chat we decided to use the brick background of the pylons from the bridge – Both the girls didn’t want the “typical” Sydney harbour portrait. Just something natural and candid.
As soon as we started working, I could tell these two were sisters! They were laughing and creating such a great atmosphere. It was impossible not to join in and feel totally relaxed.

I managed to get some really great natural portrait photographs of the two with everything from serious to laughing. We then walked up the hill a little and down towards Luna Park. As we were walking down towards the entrance, I noticed the stairs had a great feel and colour to them. This amazing red brick wall that would be perfect for a portrait, but just a little bit edgy.
The other great thing about working on stairs is you can get so many different angles without having your subject move and constantly change position to make your shots stand out.

If you’re interested in portrait photography in Sydney and would like more information, you can contact me here or view more samples of my work on my Main Website.

P.S. Lisa has also started up a new venture called Battle of the Bands Australia! If you’re an unsigned band looking for your big break, or just want to have some fun with other like minded people, check out the website. There’s some great prizes (and a live show!) up for grabs :)

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Natural Portrait Photography

Sometimes it’s easy to capture real natural portraits.

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Outdoor Natural Portrait

Getting your clients to sit down and relax can sometimes produce a great relaxed portrait.

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Headshot Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Sydney

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Candid Portrait Photography

There’s nothing better than capturing a laugh, and still looking amazing!

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Natural Portrait Sydney

A great natural portrait

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Portrait Photography

Natural Portrait Photography

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Sydney Portrait Photography

Who says head shots need to be boring? Add in some red bricks, and it brings the portrait to life!

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Laughing Portrait

Natural Portrait of Lisa

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Natural Portrait Photography

Nothing beats a genuine natural portrait.

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Portrait Photography Sydney

Jess’s colourful top really matches the bright red of the background.

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Portrait Photography

You often get that great photo when you least expect it.

Sydney Portrait | Lisa & Jess | Family Portrait Sydney

Two sisters enjoying the beautiful Sydney Harbour.

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