Kate & Steve | Sydney Wedding Photography | Fort Denison, Sydney, NSW

It’s been a long time since I updated this blog, especially with wedding work! Not because I haven’t been shooting, but I’ve had other things going on….such as Antarctica! As such, I’ll keep these next few blog posts short. I’ve worked with some amazing clients over the past 12 months and can’t wait to show them!!

Speaking of cold, wet and gloomy places like Antarctica, that brings me to a wedding I shot in 2014 on the amazing Fort Denison – a small island right in the middle of Sydney Harbour with uninterrupted views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House. A truly special location and one that I’ve wanted to work on for a long time.

It was always going to be a wet wedding day for Kate & Steve. It was raining when I arrived at the Harbour Rocks Hotel, The Rocks and it was even more so when we caught the water taxi to Fort Denison.
But a little water wasn’t going to ruin this wedding…and with a stern nod from Kate, the entire ceremony was directed outside to the top of the island in the elements. To their credit, both Kate and Steve opted not to have an umbrella and you couldn’t wipe the smile of either of their faces!
There’s something classically romantic about the rain at night with the beautiful Sydney Harbour skyline in the background, a stunning bride in a designer dress standing there with her soon-to-be husband. It has love written all over it!!

After the quick ceremony it was time to move downstairs to the reception area which was expertly designed and configured by the staff at Fort Denison. Considering the weather conditions and time delays with the rain, they handled everything perfectly and nothing was too much hassle for them. It’s no wonder they’re one of Sydney’s top venues!

A few speeches were said, some tears and laughs then it was over to the DJ who got the dance floor moving till it was time for my water taxi to take me off this little island paradise in the middle of Sydney Harbour.

I’m really proud of these wedding photographs. With rain and wind, not a lot of light and changing plans I still think they show some really great emotion and a classic romance story. Even more so, both Kate and Steve were extremely happy, which is all I ever look for!


Wedding dress in hotel window

A stunning wedding dress hangs in the window of the Harbour Rocks Hotel, Sydney.

Wedding dress on bed

Kate’s dress is placed on her hotel bed prior to her wedding day.

Bridesmaids jewellery

Each bridesmaid received a personalized box with her own jewellery inside.

Bride Putting on Dress with bridesmaids

Kate gets ready with her two bridesmaids before her big day

Elegant portrait of bride

A simple, elegant & natural portrait of the glowing bride.

Groom getting ready

Steve gets the final touches of his suit & tie ready before catching the water taxi to Fort Denisson.

Groom Portrait

Considering it was his wedding day, Steve looked really relaxed!

Bride waiting for water taxi

Kate and her bridesmaid wait for the water taxi to arrive with the Sydney Harbour Bride in the background

Fort Denison wedding reception

The staff from Fort Denison did an amazing job setting up and configuring the reception venue on the island!

Fort Denison

Fort Denison enjoys uninterrupted views of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge

Water taxi to Fort Denison

The groomsmen and remaining wedding guests arrive on Fort Denison via a private water taxi.

Glowing bride in rain

Kate is glowing in the night time rain, as Steve reads his vows.

B&W Wedding photo in rain

As the rain fell on Fort Denison, the newlyweds shared their vows with Sydney Harbour as a backdrop.

Raining wedding ceremony

I think the rain adds a really romantic feel to these photographs…nothing was going to stop these two from getting married!

Romantic wedding photo in rain

A simple glance between husband & wife, captured in the rain showing their love for each other.

Newlyweds smile in rain

Newlyweds smile and celebrate after becoming officially husband and wife.

Bride with sister

Kate shares a special moment with her sister after the wedding.

Night Bridal Photo

A little rain wasn’t going to stop us using Fort Denison for some great night wedding photographs.

silhouette wedding photo

The classic Fort Denison castle creates a moody background for this wedding silhouette.

Fort Denison at night

Fort Denison’s permanent marque setup for weddings and functions.

Bridal selfie

The happy couple couldn’t resist a selfie before the speeches.

Groom Speech

Steve gives his speech while talking to his new wife

Bridal Dance

True happiness, shown on both the newlyweds as they have their first dance.

Groom dancing

Steve breaks out his dancing shoes towards the end of the night!

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